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Sandwich Wraps

Sandwich Wraps

Choose your wrap meal by selecting the number of people below. Add an optional extra side or salad in the dropdown below for $4 per portion.

Minimum order of 20 people. Each person accounts for one wrap, cut into equal halves. Assorted wraps are served with a combination of meat and vegan wraps.

Please note any dietary restrictions or requests in the comments during checkout (wraps cannot be made gluten friendly). Later you can add more items for more variety or options. Click here to choose items a la carte.

per person

Add an extra side or salad. Minimum of 5 portions per side. We aim for each portion to be 1/3 of a standard plate of food.

Chili Roasted Broccoli for $4.00 per portion

Ontario Quinoa Salad for $4.00 per portion

Caesar Salad with Baby Gem for $4.00 per portion

Beet & Feta Salad for $4.00 per portion

Winter Green Salad for $4.00 per portion

Roasted Sweet Potatoes for $4.00 per portion

Mac & Cheese for $4.00 per portion

Roasted Carrots for $4.00 per portion

Roasted Mini Potatoes with Parmesan for $4.00 per portion

Add extra protein (served family style) with a minimum of 5 portions per protein. Each portion is approximately 6oz (pre-cooked weight).

Lentil & Chickpea Falafel (Vegan) for $4.50 per portion

Spicy Piri-Piri Falafel *NEW* (Vegan) for $4.50 per portion

Turkey Meatballs for $5.50 per portion

Hay Roasted Chicken with Salsa Verde for $7.00 per portion

Spicy Piri-Piri Chicken for $7.00 per portion

Smoked Barbecue Beef Brisket for $8.50 per portion

Grilled Rare Albacore Tuna for $11.50 per portion

Next Day Orders

Please Note: Because we make everything fresh from scratch, occasionally we are unable to guarantee all items as selected for next day orders. However, if there are any issues fulfilling your order we will contact you immediately. Thanks.