Combo #1 Lentil & Chickpea Falafel

Combo #1 Lentil & Chickpea Falafel

Please choose 3 sides

The current selection is our recommended combination to complement the Lentil & Chickpea Falafel. Some groups like additional proteins/mains, please see our A La Carte Menu to add additional items

Note: Catering prices are per person. Minimum quantity of 5 people. Minimum total order spend is $150.

This combo includes the following shareable dishes, but you may change any of the sides:

Lentil & Chickpea Falafel
Baked, garlic tahini sauce (GF, DF, V)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Middle Eastern Spices (GF, DF, V)

Farm'r Salad Greens
Niagara Wine Co. sherry vinaigrette (GF, DF, V)

Quinta Ontario Quinoa & Kale
Heirloom carrot, dijon vinaigrette (GF, DF, V)

GF = Gluten Friendly, DF = Dairy Free, V = Vegan