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Food Handling Measures

Food Handling and Safety Procedures

We take the healthy and safety of our food, our employees and all of our customers incredibly seriously. Our food is designed to be enjoyed by people of as many varying diets and allergies as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any of our food has not come in contact with any particular allergen, but we make continuous efforts to uphold as high a standard as possible including:

  • Following all standards and procedures as set out by Toronto Public Health and DineSafe.
  • Including identifiers for gluten friendly, vegetarian, vegan and dairy free items on our menu.
  • Including labels in every catering order highlighting each ingredients used to make the dish/item. For an online listing of all the ingredients in our dishes, please click here.
  • Cooking items from scratch in our own kitchen where we can monitor the contents and ingredients of all items.
  • Ensuring cross contamination does not occur by clearly separating items and using separate utensils/tongs/spoons when preparing each item.
  • To avoid the risk of nut allergy contact we do not use nuts in our recipes.
  • Properly educating all employees to ensure consistent compliance with our food handling policies.


Preventative Measures Relating to COVID-19

In light of COVID-19 and the worries of spreading infectious disease, we have taken a variety of additional measures to ensure all of our employees all our all food is properly handled to the highest standard possible. We are actively monitoring recommendations from local and federal health regulators as details and procedures evolve to help contain the spread. We continue to follow the strict hygiene routines as required for the handling of food and food packaging. As part of this initiative we have implemented the following preventative measures:

  • Keeping kitchen and preparation surfaces sanitized using industry-approved safe disinfectant at all times and after each use.
  • Reinforcing safe food-handling procedures.
  • Ensuring employees stay home when feeling sick or showing any symptoms (with a focus on respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or shortness of breath, cold or flu-like symptoms).
  • Encouraging hand washing and sanitization before and after deliveries.






Next Day Orders

Please Note: Because we make everything fresh from scratch, occasionally we are unable to guarantee all items as selected for next day orders. However, if there are any issues fulfilling your order we will contact you immediately. Thanks.