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Why Choose Farm'r

Farm'r Catering

A catering company designed for the perfect office lunch. We help you impress clients and delight employees.'re in good hands...

Why Choose Farm'r Catering?

Made by Chefs

Our food tastes better because it is always cooked the same morning by our amazing chefs.

We Source Better Ingredients

We aim to source as locally as possible the best products. All our meat is antibiotic and hormone free. Our flours are organic. We have relationships with local farms to deliver the best produce of the season.

We Care

Hospitality and service is our passion. We care about how our food looks and that your employees and clients are impressed every time.

For All Diets

Our menu is designed to accommodate today's dietary constraints without compromise. All our food is clearly labeled so everyone can see and nobody has to worry.

Our Service Team

Sheena Cater, Catering Coordinator

Sheena managers and coordinates all of our catering orders.

She can help you design the perfect meal for your clients or employees. If it's an event that you're planning, she can help design the perfect menu. If you're worried about having enough food for your group, need to work within a certain budget or have several allergies to navigate, Sheena can help with it all.

When the day comes, Sheena will work with our team and the kitchen to ensure your order gets delivered on time and delicious.

Greg Martin, Co-Founder

Greg is one of the founders of Farm'r Catering. Following a career on Bay Street for over 10 years, he decided to enter the food business to transform the way catering is served at offices after eating one too many boring catered sandwiches.

His catering project, Farm'r Catering, is designed to push the boundaries of conventional catering served in Toronto offices. If food delivery services can bring hot food to your door with an app, we should be able to do even better for office catering. Through freshly prepared food, a downtown Toronto kitchen and a better menu, Farm'r Catering is bringing the best food Toronto has to offer to the office.

Kyle Webster, Co-Founder and Executive Chef

Kyle's culinary background includes working at fine dining establishments through Toronto including Hudson Kitchen and Globe Bistro. He has honed his skills in Australia working for internationally known restaurants including Attica in Australia (a world top 50 restaurant) and Carlton Wine Room.

Growing up beside Prince Edward County, Kyle has spent his whole life working alongside farmers and Ontario's best ingredients. Farm'r Catering is an opportunity to bring the best local ingredients possible to the people of Toronto.

Alex Arget, Sous Chef

Alex has trained at many top Toronto catering companies and restaurants including Sassafraz and Mercatto. At Farm'r he is in charge of coordinating the food behind every catering order and working with and training our team to bring their all every day.

Next Day Orders

Please Note: Because we make everything fresh from scratch, occasionally we are unable to guarantee all items as selected for next day orders. However, if there are any issues fulfilling your order we will contact you immediately. Thanks.